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Our Customers - TATA MOTORS
Our more than three decade of manufacturing experience helps us to offer unparallel services & products to our clients. We are at present supplying more than 50 varieties of springs to Tata Motors and its Ancillaries, as their ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER.

our quality rating with M/S Tata Motors Ltd. is 95% and in some cases 100%. For some of their springs it may be noted that we are the only single source. So far knowing the subject of spring it requires job experience to a greater extent and technical expertise of the subject.

Apart from this we have got well known metallurgical contacts from M/s Telco (Tata Motors) and M/s Telcon Ltd who used to give their expertise recommendation whenever needed free of cost as a gesture of goodwill during any development programme throughout and even visit us officially and get us acquainted with the facts and figures.

These are few of the products, which we are regularly supplying to M/s Tata Motors and it's ancillaries even for their maintenance purpose. 



    Our Esteemed Customers:  


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