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Quality Policy

We are committed to:

*Provide all types of helical coil springs and allied engineering items as per customers drawing and requirements to customer satisfaction, on time on cost effective basis.

*Through maintenance and up gradation of process, equipment and training of Human Resources to achieve continual improvement of the Quality Management System.

*Create an image of the Organization.


1) Raw Material Procurement :-As spring quality is mainly dependent on raw material, so maximum care is taken for selecting those vendors who gives tested material with T.C. along with the supplies.

This is to be mentioned here, that whenever we procure any raw material from any source, in-house checking of material is a must. For this we get the material checked in the following manner:-

A) SPARK TEST- % of C and % of Si

B) SURFACE DEFECT: Visually by Magnifier.

C) BENDING TEST: Of a raw material gives you the clear picture of the material whether this material
    can be used in the particular type of spring as UTS varies wire to wire with same specification within
    the tolerance limit.

Our raw material is procured from vendors marinating consistent quality and dimensional accuracy.

Apart from our in-house checking we get our material checked by N A B L (National Affiliation Board for Certification of Test Laboratories) accredited Test Laboratories like IRC, ALCA LAB for counter checking and, for the facilities we don’t have.

What makes us different from others :-
1) Raw Material quality

2) Knowledge and expertise in manufacturing process

3) Quality control at different stages

4) Continual improvement (in house and on feedback basis)


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